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Your child’s education is important. You’re convinced it’s an investment worth making. As a result, you’re taking the time to choose the right school.

You’ve probably crossed a few schools off your list already. Your short-list may be based on affordability, location, academic results, faith and school features.

Now it’s time to choose one school from your short-list. To do so, you need to discover the more subtle aspects of each school. Like school values, teaching methods and student behaviour. You want to peek behind the curtains.

The best way to peek behind the curtains at Medowie Christian School is on a Principal’s Tour.

Please book for an upcoming tour using the form below. On the tour, we’ll take the time to understand you. What you want for your child. What you expect from a school. What your hopes and dreams are.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Principal Private School Tour

Medowie Christian School is a well-established provider of Christian education for children from Kindergarten to Year 12. We place faith at the heart of what we do, using the teachings of Christ to shape a learning environment that nurtures, educates and inspires every child. Our rich curriculum, wide-ranging selection of extra-curricular activities and high level of pastoral care gives our students the opportunities and support they need to thrive as they move through the year levels.

We believe it’s the little things that can make a big difference to a child’s learning experience - small nuances that can’t always be picked up through reading a website or a single interview. That’s why we invite parents and carers to take advantage of a Principal’s Tour. This is a no-obligation opportunity to spend time with Medowie’s Principal, Dan Weeks, exploring the school and seeing first-hand the experiences children enjoy when they join the Medowie community.

Our Values

“Well known, well loved, well taught” sums up the values we adhere to at Medowie Christian School. We treat each child as an individual, created in God’s image. Their unique interests, talents and value matters to us, which is why staff take an interest in every child. Taking the time to gain insight into the individual character of each student enables us to direct their learning and opportunities in a way that optimises outcomes.

As Christians, we value God’s love and strive to show that love to all in our school community. Our staff team believe that patience, forgiveness, generosity, listening, encouraging and always going the extra mile for others are qualities that express God’s love.

It goes without saying that our children are well taught! Not only do we have an enviable record for academic achievement, we work diligently to ensure that every student achieves to the best of his or her ability. Each member of our team is a qualified, experienced teacher that uses innovative teaching methods to impart learning.

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Our Teaching Methods

We believe that learning is about far more than the acquisition of academic knowledge. Within the context of our school community, students learn the interpersonal skills they will need to succeed after their time at Medowie Christian School has ended. As well as a good choice of academic subjects (including languages, the humanities and STEM subjects), we also coach students in a number of different sports.

To ensure a rounded education, students have the opportunity to take part in mission projects and activities that benefit the wider community, including disadvantaged groups. These activities equip learners with an appreciation of the challenges and opportunities that exist in the wider world, providing a valuable complement to their other learning activities.

Managing Student Behaviour

The Medowie Christian School approach to managing behaviour is based on Christ’s teachings. Our behaviour policy is underpinned by the principles of forgiveness, mercy and “do as you would wish to be done by”, as well as proven behavioural management techniques. When students join the MCS community, behavioural expectations are made clear. Students are regularly reminded of expectations around behaviour. We expect high standards from our students and strive to support them in consistently making good choices.

Our processes for dealing with inappropriate behaviour are set out in our Behaviour Policy. The processes for managing poor behaviour and the consequences of inappropriate actions are transparent and proportionate. If necessary, parents will be notified where there is a persistent or significant behaviour issue. We do not, under any circumstances, carry out corporal punishment, or consequences that humiliate or degrade a student.

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