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Kindergarten - Year 6

When starting Primary School, you don’t want your child to be a little fish in a big pond. It’s so easy for children to get lost in the hustle and bustle when they start school.

At Medowie Christian School, you’re encouraged to partner with our teachers in educating your child. The Primary School is a warm, caring and friendly environment where young children flourish and parents always feel welcome.

You’ll be amazed what your child can achieve with teachers who notice them, ask about their interests, listen to them, laugh with them and believe in them. We know that students thrive when they are well known, well loved and well taught.

Our Primary School is an exciting place, where curiosity is fostered and imaginations flourish. The children are given opportunities to explore their interests and passions as their potential is lovingly nurtured by our dedicated and caring teachers.

christian primary school kids smiling
primary school christian students in classroom learning
boy and girl looking ahead

How Children Learn

At this early stage of learning, your child’s natural curiosity will be nurtured into a thirst for knowledge, which is the seed that grows into a love of learning. It’s a very special time in your child’s educational journey and we see it as the gateway to lifelong learning.

During the primary years, your child will develop creative intelligence, critical awareness and collaborative problem solving skills. This is achieved via a combination of independent learning, group projects and direct instruction.

In addition to our focus on teaching students how to read and write we spend a significant portion of the day in Maths and we have a rich selection of topics in the areas of Science, History, the Arts and PDHPE.

Developing Student Character

While fostering these academic skills, we work hard to ensure students see challenges as stepping stones to personal growth, that they delight in helping others less fortunate, and that they develop a sense of who they are.

Medowie Christian School is known as a kind school with welcoming staff, friendly parents and an inclusive culture ensuring every child feels safe.

Next Step

If this sounds like it might be the right school for your child, please book for our next Principal’s Tour to discover a school where children flourish under the care of teachers who are fully committed to making a positive difference.

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